Thursday, July 26, 2012

sigh...what a sorry excuse for a human being.

I cannot understand what drives this moron to do the things he does so often and again yesterday morning ! Such vile behavior is certainly not becoming of Malaysians in general but more so for a Muslim in this holy "fasting" month of Ramadhan. Read here and here .

I also cannot understand why this utterly frustrated village idiot is continuously making such disgusting dramas over and over claiming his few minutes of "shitty" fame with cakes with "shit" toppings, ladies undies, a coffin, rowdy protests and even enacted a funeral rite ceremony in front of his "favorite" chief minister he so envies. Is he mentally challenged or is it plain anger for losing out on the "bumiputera" contract "gravy-train" which the former Gerakan government (now history ) dish-out to him and his cronies occasionally ? We will never know what's ticking inside his empty, cracked cranium for his feverish attacks on Lim Guan Eng, will we ?

This shit-head, seen above in dark glasses on the right is known as Mohamed Ghani Abd Jiman or Ghani "Kulit" ( kulit meaning "hide" or "skin" perhaps referring to the thickness of it !) is as foul as the "gifts" he bears to his chief minister Lim Guan Eng at his office in Komtar, Penang !

The simple Malays folks have a term for this type of person and it's called "kurang ajar" and "biadap"..... meaning uneducated or uncouth and barbaric. He certainly fits all of the above translations. I have written more then once before about the desperate attention this vermin likes to draw to himself so here's a sampler for you.

I am choked for adjectives describing this mutt....thus you are allowed to add your take on this scum-bag as you please.

Good night !

Sunday, July 22, 2012

make streets safe first !

A special committee to look into battered wives, a special committee to look into police corruption, a special committee to monitor food prices, a special committee to study environmental impact of a radioactive plant in Kuantan and even a special committee to look at who was more violent during Bersih 3 and the list goes on and on....! And yet the crime rate (mostly snatch thefts and mugging on the streets) is soaring to dizzying heights daily with criminals getting ever bolder and more violent.(read here )

What's with this government ?? Everything the tax-paying and voting citizens complain/report at the police stations, ends up with some minister coming out to say the government is forming some special committee to look into that matter ! Whatever happened to the direct approach by that particular minister or representative to take absolute responsibility of crimes or complaints in his constituency ?

The forming of these "loose and temporary" committees ( temporary because once the issue fizzles-down a bit, usually with the exposure of a new and "hotter" scandal in another ministry ! ) are an added burden to tax-payers coffers ! What are the police actually doing if everything has to be with the cooperation of the public ? Is not a police report ever investigated or is it selective probing only depending on how "important" that victim is ?

If you ask me, we should all demand our aduns/representatives to walk into their respective police station and check all the police reports by the local residents and that the adun/representative demand from the station chief what action, if any, had been taken to each and every report in the book ! Have our aduns/representatives the balls for it ? That way the adun/representative will be accounted for during election time and the police will be accountable for slacking on their jobs. Is that asking too much from your representative ?

Just by this action alone, this adun/representative whom we voted-in will be seemed to be doing his job as our representative and at the same time telling the authorities who's the boss !

And stop saying you're forming a committee just to sound intelligent when it's plainly giving false hopes to the citizens. Just go kick some high-ranking butts and let's see some heads roll !

As far as the criminal is concerned, there are no favorites for targets.....everyone IS a target.....irrespective of political, religious, racial or cultural backgrounds and leanings !

So be very afraid. You could be the criminal's next target !

Shalom and peace be with you this holy month of Ramadhan !